Because Your Time Is
Too Valuable To Waste Clearing Liens.

At Lien Sweeper, we have a singular focus - to obtain the appropriate documents to clear liens and encumbrances from real property.

Founded in 2001, we have assisted thousands of title agents, lenders, mortgage servicers, realtors, and property owners with clearing liens and encumbrances of all types on both residential and commercial property. 

From liens being paid off today to those paid off years ago, our experienced title clearing team manages the entire lien clearing process bringing you...



Improved Profitability


The cost to clear liens varies from file to file and can quickly cut into your profitability. Our one-time fixed fees convert this variable cost into a low, fixed cost, giving you better control of your bottom line.


Heightened Focus


With our team managing your lien clearing work, you and your staff can focus all of your energies on your core business. 


Enhanced Security


Once we are retained, you can close your file and get it off your desk, streamlining your "Clean Desk" policy and improving the security of your client's Non-Public Personal Information.

Peace of Mind


We stay on the file until the liens you paid off are clear from title. Our goal is to give you and your clients the peace of mind that these liens will not come back to haunt them, or you, when they refinance or sell.

We do it all

Servicing all liens/encumbrances

Water, Tax, and Sewer Liens
Federal Tax Liens
Private Mortgages
Deed of Trust
Mechanic's Liens
All Municipal Liens
Child Support Liens
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